1 hour free


We feel it is real important that our clients understand the true meaning of Search Engine Optimization. Not the smoke and mirrors, but what really makes on your business and how that relates to SEO.

That is why we offer 1 hour of consulting upfront at no-charge. ($400.00 value)

We understand know that SEO is not right for everyone, and would rather tell you upfront we are not a good fit before we waste either of our time. If this is the case, we will typically provide you with some “Action items” to work on and then someday in the future come back to us when the time is right.

If we seem to have a fit, we will start investing into our potential partnership (still at no cost to you). We feel it is important you understand where you are, so we will do some analysis to determine what type of keywords you are currently being found for as well determine how competitive those keywords are so we have a good sense of what we will need to do to help you become more successful online. These types of reports may take our staff additional time, and we are willing to invest into our future partnership because it is the right thing to do for the long term relationship.

By now, I hope you realize we have charged you nothing, and that is fine as we know the true value of a long term relationship and realize we have to invest to find the right orginizations to work with long-term.

If we make it to this point, and feel we are a good match for each other then we will establish program and monthly fee schedule that is a win-win for all parties involved, knowing that SEO is a long term investment.

FREE is not typical of an SEO/MARKETING firm ! We are not a typical SEO firm, so call us today if you are not looking for typical. 888.533.3254