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SEO Coaching by Jeff Cline

The proper search engine optimization techniques are essential to the success of your business in the coming decades. Most businesses do not have the manpower or the expertise to handle the double job of search engine optimization and current customer service. However, this is where the expert SEO coaching of Jeff Cline can help your company.

The experts at Jeff Cline will be there to partner with you and break down the many different aspects of search engine optimization – keyword choice and optimization, directory submissions, social media presence and mentions, backlinking and the all important discipline of content marketing. This is especiall important with large companies, with several levels of management.

IT IS CRITICAL THAT THERE BE A C-LEVEL EXECUTIVE or higher as part of this process, or your dead in the water!

Here are a few of the aspects of online marketing that the experts at Jeff Cline will help your company with.

One – Keyword choice and optimization.

The first aspect of optimizing your site is to decide what keywords you will base your web text on. The basic themes of your site will need to coincide with the actual purpose of your business and also with highly searched phrases on the major search engines.

As the discipline of keyword choice becomes more localized and niche oriented, the experts at Jeff Cline will be able to help you do this. However:

SEO Power Tip #90 – If you want to know what keywords to choose, cheat off of your top ranked competitors. You can easily use the Google Keyword tool to see who is ranked highly for the best keywords. If these are the keywords that are driving traffic, get in on them.

Two – Proper analytics.

More important than the initial keywords you choose are the tweaks you make to your search engine optimization program after the first analytics come in. Search engine algorithms and competitors are always making changes that will drive you out of the top rankings if you let them. You must be constantly vigilant, and this is something that Jeff Cline can do for you.

SEO Power Tip #12 – The only search engine optimization catalyst that has remained the same throughout the Google Panda and the Google Penguin updates has been the amount of emphasis put on backlinks from reputable sites (.GOV and .EDU sites in particular).

If you can get a link from a site like this, you will drastically increase your search engine ranking over the long term. Do anything that you can to build a relationship with local government and education officials. This may require some old fashioned offline networking.