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Hello, I am excited you have landed on this page.


If you are looking for help in any of the following areas, please give me a call.

  • Turn Around Management
  • Interim CEO ,CRO or CIO
  • C-level support and training
  • Brick and mortar transition to digital
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 2nd set of eyes or sounding board to executive
  • Revenue Optimization
  • New Company or start-up looking for executive support (in exchange for equity-no salary needed) *

The list really goes on……


I am a very high capacity individual, and me background is very diverse. I have worked with fortune 50 companies to start-up. I am a serial entrepreneur and have started, found cash sold my own companies.

Past Experience include:

  • PepsiCO
  • McDOnalds
  • CompUSA
  • MONY
  • 1-800-MEDIGAP
  • United Data Tech and the list goes on…..

Areas I love to work in:

  • Technology start-up
  • Saas
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Digital Optimization
  • Turn-arounds
  • Declining Insurance Companies looking for new life

I have a strong technology background, as well as most people love my ideas. I have been called a “RAIN MAKER” when it comes to business development.

I am happy to travel, but will not stay any longer that 2 nights away from my family.

I am available by the hour, day, week or project. (Salary or equity)

DISCLAIMER: I also work with a few consulting firms, so if you have a contract with them you will have to pay those rates directly to them, in order to work with me. I do not do back door deals, sorry!

If I have no scared you away yet, please give me a call for a 1 hour free consultation.

Jeff Cline



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