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Hello, I am excited you have landed on this page.   If you are looking for help in any of the following areas, please give me a call. Turn Around Management Interim CEO ,CRO or CIO C-level support and training Brick and mortar transition to digital Search Engine Optimization 2nd set of eyes or sounding[…]

How do I get my product in the box

How do I get my product in bag?

How do I get my product in a monthly bag? This is a very popular questions today, with statements like this: “We have over 100,000 new subscribers joining every month” “brands are clamoring for a piece of the action. While 700,000 beauty products are submitted for consideration each month” ….it is no wonder products, start-ups,[…]

The Perfect Page

The Anatomy of a the perfect page TITLE TAG • The title tag is the blue link on search engines, so make it enticing. • This is how search engines identify your content, so include relevant keywords. • Make it natural, compelling, and under 75 characters. URL • Keywords should also be included in the[…]

Authority Marketing

Act like an authority, for authority marketing! Targeted linking, or authority marketing, is one of the least understood topics in search engine optimization. It is incredibly easy for a professional marketing company like Jeff-Cline ( to segment different aspects of an audience and market to them “authoritatively,” [read: how they want to be marketed to].[…]

Video Marketing

 Video Marketing with Jeff-Cline (   One of the quickest ways to get a positive response from your audience is to incorporate video marketing into your online marketing campaign. Video marketing has many advantages over other types of marketing, arguably the greatest ROI and the greatest ability to go viral. The experts at Jeff-Cline ([…]


Produce terrific Content material  Terrific content material will be where all of it begins . You will get all of the the keywords and phrases on the planet , however if your own information is not any beneficial , individuals won’t keep reading on your website and also search engines like Google won’t discover your website beneficial . Include brand new content material constantly Websites which may have brand new content material included on a consistent basis are viewed as more effective compared to web sites that seldom use . This actually also enables you to boost the quantity of appropriate content material on your internet site , which additionally enhances your own search positions . Build an effective search term phrase […]