Authority Marketing

Act like an authority, for authority marketing!

Targeted linking, or authority marketing, is one of the least understood topics in search engine optimization. It is incredibly easy for a professional marketing company like Jeff-Cline ( to segment different aspects of an audience and market to them “authoritatively,” [read: how they want to be marketed to]. Google promotes the authorities! Other businesses and web-sites promote the authority sites in their space. If you want to win online, you must become the authority!

Potential customers need to be led to the solution. Young business owners want you to get to the point. Kids like to be marketed to through online comedy. Parents still prefer television. Each group has its own cachet of catchphrases and pop culture references that hold additional meaning. You can use this information to conjure up very powerful associations within the minds of your potential customers and affiliate them with your product and brand.
The experts at Jeff-Cline ( are masters at this kind of targeted linking and product / brand association. Although the practice when done correctly may seem unscientific, is actually very technical. Below are a few ways that you can segment your own audience, although it is much more efficient to maintain a strategic viewpoint and leave the legwork to reputable professionals like Jeff-Cline (

Authority Marketing Tip #1 – The vehicle is just as important as the message.
Before you commit any marketing message to distribution, you must determine if you are using the right vehicle for that particular audience. You can research trends for particular demographics and psychographics, or you can increase your efficiency by hiring a professional firm like Jeff-Cline ( to do it for you.

Authority Marketing Tip #2 – Do not be afraid to use multilayered references.
Every audience of every generation has catchall phrases and colloquialisms that bring back certain memories. If you can connect your business, product or brand to these positive memories, then you will find your ability to sell quite expanded. According to MarketWatch, the emotions that you should attempt to attach a brand to are joy, comfort and relaxation.

Authority Marketing Tip #3 – The in authority by becoming an expert.
In online marketing, people buy from entities that they consider to be experts in the field. Part of marketing is joining the various forums and message boards and becoming known to the niche community that you will eventually try to sell to.
Jeff-Cline ( can help you get involved with the right communities online without dealing with the less important websites and forums. Once you have earned the respect of a core audience, your targeted linking campaign will go viral, and you will get the authority links you deserve. It is not easy, It is not fast, but done right it is the most powerful force in online marketing!


The goal is to become the AUTHORITY in your space, the first step is acting like it!