How do I get my product in bag?

How do I get my product in the box

How do I get my BAND in the bag

How do I get my product in a monthly bag?

This is a very popular questions today, with statements like this:

“We have over 100,000 new subscribers joining every month”

“brands are clamoring for a piece of the action. While 700,000 beauty products are submitted for consideration each month”

….it is no wonder products, start-ups, brands and distributors are clamoring for their shot to get their products in a monthly subscription bag.

Our business development team has been working hard to ensure great products make it into the hands of consumers.

If your interested in adding your product to the monthly subscription market place, call us directly.

We are currently working with several new celebrities, with millions of excited fans just waiting for their new monthly big bag.



You must have a sample code assigned prior to sending us your product for review.

2255 Ridge Road, Rockwall TX 75087


*These products will not be returned.
*There is no guarantee they will make it into the monthly bag.
*Due to high volume of requests, it may be several months for your products to get added. If you are a seasonal product or time sensitive please indicate that on your packaging. ATT: TIME SENSITIVE !!

  • You must be able to provide a minimum sampling of 11,000 units per shipment if your product is picked.
  • You will be required to provide a full release, and complete appropriate paperwork prior to shipment to our fulfillment center.
  • You CAN NOT pay to be in our bag, it is fully on the discretion of our celebrities, talent and management staff.
  • You will be required to pay for all shipping, duties,fees and expenses to get your product to our fulfillment center in the Dallas metroplex.
  • Your product will have a 14 day window for delivery, and will need to be on our docks 4 weeks prior to ship date of your scheduled bag.

More Details

Jeff Cline 972.800.6670
V.P Business Development & New Product Relations


Great news!!!


We have identified a few other niche markets we will start new bags/boxes for in Fall 2017

  • Mens Products
  • Outdoor life
  • Fitness
  • Healthcare
  • Teens
  • Aging Well and several more are on the board for 2017.




If you are a celebrity or rising star, and would like to get your part of the billion dollar opportunity call our TALENT team 972.800.6670.