Page Load Optimization

Speed: You want to be in the top 1% of all sites indexed

Page Load Optimization is very important in the new age of Search Engine Optimization.

Google’s very own Matt Cutts told me in a one-on-one conversation that speed does matter. Why?It takes Google huge ammounts of bandwidth to crawl the millions of sites and pages, so they have limited resources per site. This means is for what ever amount of time Google alots for the process, so if your slow loadning home page taked up all the time then they may never get to the deep pages, where the good content is!

Page Load Optimization tips:

#1: A good XML site map, designed to optimize the Money Pages

#2: Speed Testing and Optimization

#3: Monitering your speed, as it may change over time and you need to know when and where to make adjustments.

“SPEED GOAL” Google announced at the last webmasters meeting, that you should shoot for under a 1 second page load. Now 80% of the sites on the market, do not load that fast but it is the goal.

“Notes” If all things equal on a site, the faster site out ranks the slower site.

Give us a call we can run a FREE SPEED TEST for you, and let you know where you stand.

Page Load Optimization Reporting:

We also offer Page Load Optimization and Speed Monitoring services for our partners as needed.