Video Marketing

 Video Marketing with Jeff-Cline (


One of the quickest ways to get a positive response from your audience is to incorporate video marketing into your online marketing campaign. Video marketing has many advantages over other types of marketing, arguably the greatest ROI and the greatest ability to go viral.
The experts at Jeff-Cline ( can help you effectively create and maintain a video marketing campaign, but there are certainly things that you can do on your own to help your own cause. Below are a few things to take into consideration when you begin your video marketing campaign.
Video Marketing Tip #1 – Do not forget the little guys.
The larger video sharing sites always seem to get the attention from marketers, but there are many other, smaller video sharing sites that can give you a more niche oriented audience that is targeted to your brand specifically.
If you sell your products worldwide, you owe it to yourself to aggregate your content to the video sharing sites that originate in countries outside of your home country. Jeff-Cline ( to help you aggregate this content, breaking language barriers and getting your message through to the first movers.

Video Marketing Tip #2 – Learn to optimize your videos.
One of the greatest advantages of marketing through videos is that the major search engines can now index videos just as easily as they can text and pictures. This means that you have the ability to differentiate yourself from your competition just by posting a video online.
You will get even more separation if you post a high definition video, because those videos get their own listings on the major search engines. With the overall production cost of an online video shrinking by the business cycle, you should find this one of the highest ROI activities that you can undertake as a business owner.

Video Marketing Tip #3 – Make your video viral through comedy and brevity.
Videos that go viral, or are shared by other people without you having to push it, are usually short videos with lots of comedy. If your video goes viral, you get the best thing that a business can hope for in a marketing campaign – free PR.

The experts at Jeff-Cline ( can help you create or tweak your video content to have the chance to go viral. Give yourself the best chance at success by outsourcing the technical legwork to a seasoned professional like Jeff-Cline.